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8 Random Acts that Will Stretch You

Mama, be the blessing

Here’s the deal—you reap what you sow.

Galatians 6:9

And let us not grow weary of doing good, for in due season we will reap, if we do not give up.

Random acts of encouragement are simple, but are you doing?

Easy to do, easy not to.

8 simple things you can do to celebrate others:

1. Make the call and just say I Love you.

2. Send the text with a prayer, song or GIF.

3. Write a note to simply say Thank you for being you.

4. Compliment the grocery clerk.

5. Pay for the car behind you in the coffee line.

6. Roll down your window and tell the roadside worker what a great job they're doing.

7. Congratulate others on what they're doing.

8. Tell your neighbor how proud you are of them for walking every day.

Some of the random acts above will stretch you, but the truth is we all need to be stretched. Besides who doesn't love being celebrated, encouraged, noticed, loved on, or lifted up? The smallest act of kindness you think is silly or a waste of time may bring a new fresh wind of hope for someone who desperately needs it.

It's incredible what God can do if you get out of the way. Eyes off of you, your situation or circumstances, and on Jesus who will point you to others who need the Jesus in You. You're not the point, HE is.

Are you willing to be a random blessing to others? Be truthful. The 8 above are just a few examples. Ask God to show you how you can sow. When you bless others, you’ll find you’re blessed even more.

Jesus will do things through you you never dreamt possible if you surrender control, keep your eyes on HIM, and please HIM only. Focus on an audience of one (Jesus) and watch how HE works through you to bless others which in turn comes back to you. Catch that. You're not doing it to get something in return. You're giving to bless your Father who loves and adores you.

You’ll experience happiness, peace, and freedom that will surpass all understanding. You’ll talk, look, feel, and behave surrendered.

Come WALK with us. We will stretch you. We will celebrate 🎉 you. We will encourage you. We will sow together. What do you have to lose? There is so much more to experience when you’re willing to take the step. Get out of your own way and join our Walk It Out Community. Send me a message and I'll add you.

So, Mama, in case you forget...

  1. You are not in control. Jesus is.

  2. Stay armored in the Word. Jesus will help you.

  3. Pray without ceasing. With Jesus.

  4. You are a warrior. Jesus is in you.

  5. Humility comes before Wisdom. Jesus knows best.

  6. The audience of One, Jesus. Eyes on Jesus.

Let me know how you plan to celebrate others. Next, let me know which of the 6 reminders helped you the most (#4 and #6 for me). If you have a question about any of them or an addition please message me. I want to hear from you.

WALK with us, we WALK by Faith

One Step at a Time,

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