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Do Not Be Terrified...Esther

Mama, Walk It Out week 1 day 4 excerpt

Week 1 Day 4 Do not be terrified...

I fold laundry, put away dishes, set the table, brush my teeth most days, make my bed, pick weeds, and care for my brother and sister. I play school. Host tea parties. Just me, my teddy bear, and dolls.

I love to play dress-up in my mom’s closet. What girl doesn’t? I am bold when I dress up. I look just like her! I do have confidence.

There was a young woman in the Bible named Esther. She would have loved to play dress up like her Mother, but she was an orphan being raised by her uncle Mordecai. Have you read the book of Esther in the bible? If you have or have not, take a moment to read her story now. Pause before you read and ask God to help you read about Esther with your heart. Ask God what HE wants you to know about you through her story.

Mordecai told Esther to keep her real name, Hadassah, a secret as well as her Jewish lineage until the right time. Can you imagine how lonely that must have felt? This would certainly take the fun out of playing dress up, hosting a tea party with dolls, or pretending to be someone else.

Esther was beautiful and forced to live in the palace for a year along with many other girls to prepare to be introduced to King Ahasuerus. A year of beauty treatments sounds incredible, but living away from home, family and friends do not. She also had to keep a giant secret of who she really was. How did she do that? Esther had to be bold and didn’t have a choice.

When the year was over, the king ended up choosing Esther, declared her Queen, and set the royal crown on her head! Can you imagine how cool that must have been?

But wait there’s more.

Soon after, Queen Esther was made aware of an evil plot against her people, the Jews, by her husband’s right-hand man, Haman. The king didn’t know he was a bad man. Esther was afraid yet knew she had to do something.

She fasted and prayed for three days along with her people. She got dressed up and went to see the King all by herself. Can you imagine how much courage that had to take? Queen Esther could have been killed for asking to meet with him without being invited.

Esther courageously shared her secret and told the truth about who she was then boldly begged the King to spare her people. The King found out about Haman and his evil plan. He was so mad he ordered Haman to be hanged on the gallows he originally built for her cousin Mordecai. Can you believe that? Haman’s pride and cruelty had led to his own destruction.

Esther was so brave, she saved her people. In the end, Esther told the truth about who she was and didn’t pretend to be anyone else, even if it meant she would be killed. God used her for such a time to save His chosen people. Just like Esther God has a purpose and plan for me (you too). I like me and I don’t want to be anyone else but me! I can be strong and brave.

Walk Deeper:
  1. Have you ever pretended to be someone else?

  2. Share a time you had to have courage.

  3. Has God ever asked you to be brave like Esther?

Message me which Walk Deeper question above impacted you the most and why. #3 seems to be on replay for me right now birthing the Walk It Out Tribe Ministry. I'm simply being obedient and taking the steps HE asks me to.

Grab your copy of Walk It Out. Your story matters.

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