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12 steps to enjoy the little things

Updated: Feb 6, 2023

Walk Out Your Moments

I don’t know about you Mama…but some days it’s hard to put one foot in front of the other.

Are you running on empty and wondering if your growing list will ever end or if what you’re doing even matters?

Here’s the thing —- You Can Walk Out Your Best Life starting now.

It’s time to enjoy the little things! The smelly socks dirty dishes, weeds, pile of mail and crumbs on the counter will never end. Pause. Jump up and down or sit still. Laugh. Let the kids have fun. You can. Pick one or several tips from the list below ⬇ and let’s put one foot in front of the other.

12 Steps to Help YOU enjoy the little things & Walk Out Your Best Life:

1. Pray (tip: without ceasing and start as soon as you wake up)

2. Journal (notebook and pen 🖊 date, write. This helps you with #10)

3. Limit your sugar (read the labels)

4. Hydrate (tip: 1/2 your body weight in oz of water 💦)

5. Take a WALK (walk around your house)

6. Read scripture (even 5 min will do)

7. Get some Sun ☀️ (open the window)

8. Inhale and Exhale (fill your belly, hold, release)

9. Connect with a friend (text or call)

10. Create a Gratitude List (name 5 things)

11. Bedtime Routine (tip: Sleep 💤)

12. Put your phone 📱 down (silence and put it in another room when you go to bed. You’ll sleep 👊🏻 more)

I challenge you to practice these 12 steps and watch what God does. HE will show up and off.

Come WALK with us. We step to the best of FREEDOM.

Message me and let me know 3 Walk It Out Steps to start enjoying the little things from above you’re working on so I can cheer you on! I’m working on #4, #8, and #9 (not necessarily in that order).

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