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Consistency, Not Perfectionism

Mama, don’t confuse consistency with perfectionism.

Here’s the deal —You’re not perfect you're human.

The Bible is pretty clear on this fact: we are not perfect, far, far, from it. Indeed there are many verses that reiterate this in countless ways.

Give yourself grace while you Forgive, Release, and Bless - yourself and others. Have the courage to Walk Away from what’s holding you hostage and step all into what God’s calling you to do.

Below ⬇️ are 10 freedom blockers fueling inconsistent thinking:

  1. Stinking Thinking

  2. Toxic relationships

  3. People pleasing

  4. Fear of man

  5. Perfectionism

  6. Negativity

  7. Jealousy, Comparison, Compromise

  8. Expectations

  9. Frustration, Anger, doubt

  10. Busyness

James 3:2

"Indeed, we all make many mistakes. For if we could control our tongues, we would be perfect and could also control ourselves in every other way."

This should help us forgive ourselves our mistakes more freely, and those of others. So much of perfectionism is rooted in the (intentional or unintentional) comments of others. “It’s wonderful…but here’s how it could be better.” “I expected more from you.” “You let me down.”

Words like these, even when meant to instruct or help, can have painful and long-lasting consequences. Even though we ourselves have been hurt by these types of comments, we seem to think that it’s perfectly appropriate to repeat them to others, especially our children.

If we can remember that we all make mistakes, we can extend to others the same grace that we ourselves would love to receive, the grace that says, “It’s okay to make mistakes, we all do it. Let’s work together to improve things.”

In this way, we put love and grace ahead of perfection. We focus on a consistent goal-oriented journey embracing the moments.

Forgive us Lord for being obsessed with “the goal(s)” and missing the treasures released during the journey. Help us to always honor and glorify you in the moments. Today. Right. Now in Jesus’s name, Amen 🙏

Come WALK with us. We will stretch you. We will celebrate 🎉 you. We will encourage you. What do you have to lose? There is much more to experience when you’re willing to take consistent steps. Get out of your own way, ditch the nagging freedom blockers, and join our Walk It Out Community. Send me a message and I'll add you.

So, Mama, in case you forget...

  1. You are not in control. Jesus is.

  2. Stay armored in the Word. Jesus will help you.

  3. Pray without ceasing. With Jesus.

  4. You are a warrior. Jesus is in you.

  5. Humility comes before Wisdom. Jesus knows best.

  6. The audience of One, Jesus. Eyes on Jesus.

Let me know your consistency plan. Next, let me know which Freedom Blockers resonated with you the most (1, 8, 10 for me). If you have a question about any of them or an addition please message me. I want to hear from you.

WALK with us, we consistently WALK by Faith minus Perfectionism (and their friends)

One Step at a Time,

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